Introduction to Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship for Biotherapeutic Scientists



When and Where:

Friday, September 14, 2018, 8:30am - 4pm
The Chestnut Residence & Conference Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Workshop Overview:

The Clinical Translation Education Group (CTEG) will be hosting a one-day workshop on intellectual property (IP) and entrepreneurship. It will be aimed at highly-qualified personnel (HQP), with the objective of introducing key topics related to IP and entrepreneurship within the context of biotherapeutic technologies for scientists in academia.


  • Understand, at a high level, what IP is.
  • Understand how to conduct a patent search.
  • Understand how to navigate the IP process with your university's Tech Transfer Office (TTO).
  • Learn the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship in the context of a biotherapeutic discovery.

Topics Covered:

  • IP 101
  • Conducting patent searches
  • Working with your university’s TTO
  • Keynote on IP
  • How do I finance the development of my discovery?
  • Introduction to business plans and term sheets
  • Meet the experts in IP and entrepreneurship fields

Agenda and Speakers:

The agenda for the workshop is being finalized now. Please stay tuned for more information. Speakers will include:

  • Stefan Larson, Venture Partner, Versant Ventures
  • Katherine Bonter, Director of Intellectual Property, Clementia Pharmaceuticals
  • Namrata Barai, Senior Manager, Business Development, Industry Partnerships and Commercialization, SickKids
  • Patricia Folkins, Partner, Bereskin & Parr
  • Philip Toleikis, President & CEO, Sernova Corp.
  • Ainslie Little, Director of Intellectual Property, BlueRock Therapeutics
  • Jonathan Yeh, Manager, Venture Development, CCRM
  • Julia Pomoransky, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology, Turnstone Biologics
  • Milica Radisic, Professor & Canada Research Chair, Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Michael May, President & CEO, CCRM

What to Bring:

There will be an interactive session called "How to Conduct a Patent Search" during the workshop. Please bring a laptop computer or tablet so that you can participate.

This event is brought to you by the CTEG member organizations and is sponsored by Medicine by Design ( and C3i (

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