Vidéos du midi-causerie lors de la Journée de sensibilisation - 5 novembre 2015 à Montréal

Les avancées spectaculaires de la recherche sur les cellules souches sont en train de révolutionner la médecine. Peut-on tout espérer des cellules souches? (videos in french only) 

Videos of panel discussion during CellCAN Information Day - March 24th 2016 in Ottawa

The advances in cell therapy research are poised to revolutionize medicine, whether that’s harnessing the power of stem cells to treat a multitude of diseases or harnessing the power of the immune system to combat a multitude of cancers. Can stem cells really treat all diseases, regenerate entire organs, keep us from aging and even make us immortal? Can cell immunotherapies really cure cancers? (vidéos en anglais seulement) 



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There are many types of stem cells.