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Who we are

The field of regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapy is rapidly evolving thanks to the excellence in fundamental research and new front-line technologies. Collaboration and information sharing between researchers, regulators, funding agencies and industry is essential and requires a streamlined approach to conducting cell and gene therapy clinical trials. This requires a central hub of information for better implementation and an overall improvement to patient care.This is why CellCAN was created in 2014.   

Our vision is that cell and gene therapy manufacturing in Canada should operate under a common seal of quality to increase capacity and rapidly and effectively migrate innovative treatment concepts into standard clinical practice.

Our mission is to improve the quality, safety and feasibility of cell and gene therapy in Canada through optimal manufacturing practices.  

Every day, revolutionary discoveries lead to clinical trials that are gradually making stem cell therapy a reality for patients who suffer from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, eye diseases, and neurological disorders (see Latest therapies).

We have the opportunity to beat diseases that were once thought incurable thanks to the immense yet still under-exploited potential of stem cells.

CellCAN is working to make full use of this potential by allowing for unprecedented collaboration between all key stakeholders in the field of cell-based therapy. CellCAN is a network of Canada's main cell therapy centres, whose research teams are working tirelessly to improve our health.

CellCAN is also implementing platforms so that researchers, clinicians, granting bodies, industry stakeholders, charitable organizations, members of the government, patient representatives and the public can exchange knowledge, express their needs, and share their questions and even concerns.

For more information, see Our know-how.

CELLCAN at a glance

Date of incorporation: February 2014
NCE program: Knowledge Mobilization Network of Excellence of Excellence
Funding: 2,8 Millions (2014-2021)

Number of partners: 181
Partner contributions: $768 645

Headquarters: Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montreal, Quebec
CEO: Denis Claude-Roy
Board Chair: William Brock (Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP / Survivor of acute myeloid leukemia and patient advocate)

Connect with a network of Canadian researchers, clinicians, regulatory experts and HQP from coast to coast, through our platforms, workshops and events.