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The McGill Regenerative Medecine (MRM) has the mission of nurturing existing basic and clinical stem cell and regenerative medicine programs and to strengthen such efforts across the broader McGill community. The network now has nearly 100 principal investigators and over 550 active members with broad expertise ranging from embryonic, iPSC and adult stem cells, developmental biology and organoids, disease models, cell-based and pharmaceutical therapeutics to tissue bioengineering, modeling and ethical approaches to their use. Our members are experts from over 20 different departments, 5 McGill faculties and 4 different Research Institutes of our affiliated hospitals. Together, our research output places McGill among the top three Canadian universities in regenerative medicine research.

The MRM Network is committed to creating a positive and open exchange platform tackling research priorities leading to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine at McGill University and beyond. The MRM will facilitate the translation of new discoveries into clinical practice, train a new generation of regenerative medicine investigators to address societal and ethical issues associated with the use of these technologies. The MRM Network strives to promote strong transdisciplinary interaction between fundamental and clinical research at McGill University and with our peers in Quebec, Canada and internationally.
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