For the organization of the first pancanadian strategic forum, CellCAN involved experts to identify subjects, conferences and topics that will be discussed. We would like to thank them for their support.

Scientific Committee:

  • Anne-Marie Alarco, Scientific Director, CellCAN
  • François Bettez, Executive Director, C3i
  • Catherine Bollard, President, International Society for Cell Therapy
  • Lambert Busque, Chief Medical Officer, C3i
  • Adrian Gee, Director, Clinical Applications Lab, Baylor College of medicine
  • Armand Keating, Director, Cell Therapy Program, University Health Network
  • Stephanie Michaud, Executive Director, BioCanRx
  • Denis Claude Roy, Chief Executive Officer, CellCAN

CellCAN would also like to thank all the members of its Steering Committee and International Scientific Advisory Committee for their contribution on the program's general orientations. 

CellCAN can also count on the rigour and creativity of an Organizing Committee.

Organizing Committee:

  • Véronique Arsenault, Consultant in Communications and Event Management, Exponentiel Conseil
  • Marie-Eve Desormeaux, Project Manager, CellCAN
  • Vanessa Laflamme, Chief Operating Officer, CellCAN
  • Florence Meney, Consultant in Media Relations
  • Louisa Petropoulos, Business Development, C3i
  • Jovian Tsang, Manager of the HQP Training Program, BioCanRx