BioCanRx Pre-Event Workshop


BioCanRx, in partnership with CellCAN, presents…
Working with Patients to Inform Early-phase Cancer Clinical Trial Design

Date: Wednesday, 8 March 2017
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 PM EST
Location: Westin Montreal, Montreal, Quebec


This workshop will outline what patient-oriented research is, how it is used to inform and impact clinical trials currently, how BioCanRx intends to conduct patient-oriented research to inform cancer clinical trial design, and provide ways for patients to get involved.

Specifically, BioCanRx network investigators will highlight how they will engage patients to inform early-phase clinical trial design of the first Made-in- Canada CAR-T therapy.


  • Manoj Lalu, BioCanRx Network Investigator
  • Justin Presseau, BioCanRx Network Investigator
  • Anne Lyddiatt, Patient on SPOR National Steering Committee
  • Zarah Monfaredi, Ottawa SPOR Program Facilitator 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, attendees will learn...

  • The importance of patient-oriented research and how it is done
  • The facilitators, barriers and preferences for implementation of trials
  • How evidence-informed clinical trial designs are developed
  • How patients have engaged in research in the past
  • How patients will be engaged in the first Made-in-Canada CAR-T early-phase clinical trial

Who Should Attend

  • Patients and caregivers
  • Other members of the public
  • Clinicians
  • Scientists
  • Research trainees
  • Non-government organizations focused on cancer research and representing cancer patients

How to Register to this FREE workshop

Registration is now closed. For information, contact Jovian Tsang.


About BioCanRx: Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment

BioCanRx’s vision is to cure patients and enhance the quality of life of those living with cancer. We will do this by supporting world-class research in the area of biotherapeutics for cancer treatment, and by accelerating to the clinic the most promising cancer biotherapeutics designed to save lives and enable a better quality of life. The Network consists of 42 founding investigators, 260 highly qualified personnel, 5 core facilities that specialize in GMP viral vectors and GLP immune-monitoring, and 43 partners in the academic, industrial and charity sectors. Through an innovative, collaborative funding process, which has funded 30 exciting projects to date, BioCanRx is becoming a world-leader in the translation, manufacture and adoption of innovative cancer biotherapeutics for the benefit of all cancer patients.

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