About CellCAN

CellCAN is a network that was created in April 2014 by Canadian researchers who work in regenerative medicine and cellular therapy.

Our mission: mobilize stakeholders and knowledge across Canada to significantly advance regenerative medicine and cell therapy research and clinical development.

Our goal: Improve Canadians' health by accelerating and facilitating the development of stem cell therapy.

Every day, revolutionary discoveries lead to clinical trials that are gradually making stem cell therapy a reality for patients who suffer from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, eye diseases, and neurological disorders.

We have the opportunity to beat diseases that were once thought incurable thanks to the immense yet still under-exploited potential of stem cells.

CellCAN is working to make full use of this potential by allowing for unprecedented collaboration between all key stakeholders in the field of cell-based therapy. CellCAN is a network of Canada's main cell therapy centres, whose research teams are working tirelessly to improve our health.

CellCAN is also implementing platforms so that researchers, clinicians, granting bodies, industry stakeholders, charitable organizations, members of the government, patient representatives and the public can exchange knowledge, express their needs, and share their questions and even concerns.